Unlicensed Prayer

Ameer Albarbagy mosques license in Jaffary Waqf website

Ameer Albarbagy mosques license in Jaffary Waqf website clearly shows its old and licensed yet it was demolished

In what some considered as a legal action rather than a vengeful reaction, The government of Bahrain (GOB) started a campaign to demolish “Unlicensed” mosques, this was announced by the minister of foreign affairs and the minister of interior affairs, the last also pointed that the shiite ceremony won’t be “Protected” by the ministry, later that month police forces attacked many memorial marches that toke place in the annual anniversary of the death of the daughter of prophet Mohammed (PBUH) a day that witnessed such marches since before the ruling family toke power in Bahrain.

Most people saw that as a clear mark of the intention to punish people for voicing their demands, and to ensure that people will be too afraid to demand democracy again.

In this post I want to shed some light on some point that some failed to consider or found it more convenient to forget.

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