Sounds of Reason

I’m not the one to stand up and defend any individual or party, but I think that it’s only appropriate to give people the gratitude they deserve.

The hate campaign Bahrain government led during the period between February and June spared no one and kept no prisoners, BTV even went on to defame Catholicism! every action produces an equal reaction, however there was a force that kept that from taking course.

All the opposition parties were clear about refusing any kind of sectarian or violent speech, despite all the agitations their speech remained balanced.

However, in the last weeks I’ve noticed that the momentum in the street have passed the politicians effort, people are growing less tolerant to the give and takes of politics, in the last licensed protest where way more than 20,000 gathered we’ve seen how the crowds were not as restrained as parties wishes.

Today I received a topic posted in a global activism blog that talks about Bahrain.

Driving down the heated roads of my hijacked country
Caging tears of sadness for what’s no longer there
Disgusted by my daily so-called professional routine at work
Hiding my survivor’s guilt inside of a filthy suit
Hearing unspoken words in every daily frustratingly-dull conversations
Caging tears to the day we’re back
We will be back
You will feel our wrath
You will remember our names
Fuck the Monarchy!

I am Feb14

The short message (despite the context) is well written, the dialect is for sure not of that we hear from religious parts of the opposition and it exceeds the demands of the opposition. It is clear that the crackdown the government led on the people have made them less tolerant and more insisting on reaching a resolution that guarantees that their liberties won’t be endangered by the willingness of some oppressors.

I’ve seen a lot of tweets that blame this situation on one part or the other of the opposition so I would like to be frank and say: stop whining, if you don’t like compromising a bit with the opposition parties believe me you’ll never want to witness what the enthusiastic youths might do.

I don’t think the opposition will have enough power to restraint people for a much longer time, I wish that for the sake of peace someone will step up and be brave and present a sound of reason, going through the wikileaks cables regarding Bahrain I’m loosing hope a bit about that, but that’s another story.

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