Hero wanted

Lately a video of Bahrain crown prince criticizing wefaq surfaced around the internet as well as in the mainstream media. That video made those who relied on him being the moderate of the ruling family lose hope in reaching a middle ground.

Before giving my opinion in this matter I want to be clear that I’m not the crown prince biggest fan, neither am I against the call for a secular republic as I said before  I even think that the opposition parties should not rule out the right of self determination if the authorities aren’t welling to compromise, many of Bahrain’s political movement historically called for the overthrow of the establishment.

Now for my opinion on that matter, I never believed in the idea of the savoir, I don’t think that there’s a knight that will come in shining armor to save the day. why do people think that way? because it’s easier for them, people always try to transform their hopes, dreams and ideas to something they will easily identify and relate to, that was done in idolatry for example.

You have created an idol, an illusion that fits your fantasies in order to try and find a shortcut to exit the horrible situation we’re living, only there are no shortcuts in real life. neither there can be a “Tailor-Made” human, we are all flawed, none of us is perfect.

Should we stop working together if we don’t agree on all matters? should we consider everyone either as a friend or an enemy? my answer to both questions is a NO, it is because we don’t agree that we need to work in the first place, and enriching the polarization of any community means giving radical ideas a rich ground to grow in, that will make no one happy.

the question you’re asking now: How can we trust in him, I’d say don’t, don’t trust in him neither anyone else totally, we are not fighting here to change a person with another, remember what you’re fighting for is not a man but an idea and a creed of life, that’s where you’re trust should go, and anyone welling to help in making that idea achievable wither he’s a king or a student should be given the chance and we should go over the limit to try and work with him, even if that means putting away our differences for a while.

until he provides a solid proof for his support to change will we be in his support?, my answer is simple: I don’t care because I don’t see that effecting the course of events, yet I wish to remind you that as long as we admit that there are no angels here we have to admit that there are no demons.

What would my grandfather say?

My departed grandfather being a cynic (as most old men are) saw similar behaviors after some opposition figures had some disappointing actions and people started to question them, he once said to one of my relative this line and walked away:

“فلما أفل قال لا أحب الآفلين

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