Emperor’s new clothes

A short tale by Hans Christian Andersen that was turned into different movies, cartoons and other forms of publications.

The plot of the story revolves around the idea that an emperor was so obsessed with his appearance that he was always on the look for new tailors, he then found two tailors who promised to make him clothes from a fabric that only someone unfit for his job or a complete imbecile wouldn’t see, the emperor himself couldn’t see anything materialized but he refuses to admit that because he’s afraid that it might mean that he’s an imbecile or unfit for his position.

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time with a friend, he’s a very hardworking guy and he’s really concerned about the struggle for a better Bahrain, he came to me and requested that we reach out to different type of people, he said let’s meet up with some of the “Sunni” opposition, I was really surprised by that request as I don’t see the point of such classification that links political views with religious beliefs, however for the sake of the argument and to prove the point to him I accepted that and told him I’ll try to look for more of my friends to join our endless discussions.

Few days later I wanted to meet some of the tweeters which I found to be sensible and never met before, I arranged a meeting with them not knowing who they really are and invited my friend to join, the meeting was very nice, we discussed a lot of issues regarding Bahrain politics and social matters, my friend was really happy for that meeting and told me that he still waits for the other meeting he requested from me.

What my friend didn’t realize is that the tweeters which we met were actually from different sects, and he even agreed on more points with the tweeter from the other sect than with the one from his own sect.

Sectarianism in Egypt, Syria or Bahrain exists only in the eyes of the beholder, a sectarian person will always see it in front of him, someone who’s not will not be able to see it.

I’ve met many reporters, activists and intellectuals from different backgrounds, they never saw the conflict as a sectarian problem and that rhetoric was never adopted by the more democratic regimes, so it’s either that most of the world are complete imbeciles or that those regimes should admit they are naked and run to cover their asses.

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