Realism, Idealism and that-ism

One of my father’s favorite lines when talking to me is: when will you gain some sense? (“متى بتعقل”), we have always had our differences in viewing numerous situations, I’m always faced with responses like: “that’s just because you’re an idealist” or “let’s be realistic about this”, I welcome any new idea that people try to lay down for discussion, but I still think that being “realistic” is just misinterpreted and misused by the majority of “realists”.

What can be considered realism? is realism THE solution?

Reality can be described as the other end of spectrum compared to fantasies, fantasies are the dreams our minds create because they don’t exist, so it’s the manifestation of our desires in a world that we create and control, that same description can be applied to almost every great novel we’ve read before. Fantasies by their nature have to be uneasily achieved, fantasies have to be something we yearn for and try to keep walking toward, because without fantasies we can’t be truly happy, fantasies are a source of hope, hope gives us power to achieve, if your dreams are not strong enough, then you’re the one that should rethink everything.

Our parents kept telling us to be realists, they talk of it as the result of wisdom, when the truth is that our fathers wore the cloak of wisdom only to hide the wounds of fear. For years realism made us live under oppression, in despair and without  the needed courage to embrace dissent, we grew with the shackles of realism, it kept us unable to express our will, that lasted until a moment of madness, a moment where a simple man got sick of reality, it’s realism that led us to that moment.

So am I saying that realism is a bad thing? not at ll, everyone should practice reflective thinking every once in a while and evaluate his actions with no bias or prejudice, but we shouldn’t mistake actions for aspirations, one shouldn’t be ashamed of wanting more, one shouldn’t be ashamed of having dreams, within the declaration of independence of the united states there’s that weird line, a line that doesn’t really fit in a political document, it wasn’t put there by mistake, it was put because it was the corner of evolution, “The pursuit of happiness”.

Evolution wasn’t the result of realism, it always pushed forward by the dreamers, those who collide with the society and try to challenge the norms, centuries ago that meant saying that the earth isn’t the center of the universe, nowadays it means believing in the power of the people.

So I will not be bothered the next time anyone call me an idealist, yes you can say I’m a dreamer, that won’t affect me, but rather ask yourself why am I not dreaming anymore? what went wrong?

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