Me & The Wallet

Today I got my ATM card, I lost my wallet in a Bahraini village and I wasn’t able to know where exactly did I lose it. For the last two weeks I lived without any kind of identification, my ATM card, internet credit card and most of the cash I had at that time were also in the wallet.

My passport expired a month ago, so I couldn’t use it as an official document before renewing it. In that period I got sick and I couldn’t go to the hospital near me because I don’t have any prove I’m living at that area, I practically lived of my friends pocket money (yes they’re generous :D) because I had to save the cash I had on me, I also wrecked my car and because I had no license I had to call my father and let him take the fall and that led to endless blaming and arguments :D, I couldn’t go to visit my friends in prison, I couldn’t enter several government as well as private facilities without an ID.

I invite you all to take that experiment, because no matter what comes in your way at that short period it’s nothing compared to being stateless.

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