(6-12) On the cursed ground of neutrality

16 months ago I was a bit skeptic about some of the books I was reading regarding the Holocaust, I know how bad that makes me sound but it’s not because I have any compassion with fascism or Nazism, on the contrary; my skepticism was because of the reactions I used to read that made me wonder if such stories can happen in real life.

I have always wondered how could men be led like lambs to the slaughter?. I used to read about concentration camps such as Auschwitz and I would be ashamed of humanity, but what I used to wonder about the most were not the Nazis who killed but that the majority of those who were hired to drag the gassed bodies of those who exterminated in Auschwitz were Jews themselves!

I’ve seen articles written by apologists trying to rationalize it as resistance! they used to describe surviving as a way to achieve victory against Nazism and that it’s your duty to try and prolong your life even if you had to accept doing such jobs, trying to retaliate was an unacceptable notion and anyone trying to advocate it was demonized and deemed as an extremist and therefore he was a fair target to hunt.

that baffled me for awhile, the idea that such vile and unspeakable act would be rationalized and that you’ll be told to consider it as a part of your everyday life and move on, for killing to be a part of the “business as usual” is a crime far more damaging than the killing itself.

it was all unbelievable for me, until I witnessed it. I see people getting beaten in checkpoints, neighborhoods and even houses and you’ll see people passing by trying not to look as they take their usual route to their workplace (and some work for the very government that gasses him in his house everyday) , I see people reading about women burnt to death, taken captives in a shopping mall and arrested for “gathering” and they’ll flip the page to the sport section and continue reading.

Simon Wiesenthal once said:

I have never been able to bring myself to trust anyone who claims
to have saved a Jew from the SS. The fact is that the Jews were not
saved… no one took the steps necessary to save them, even themselves.

I think that it’s not only the killer that should be held responsible for his crime for silence isn’t any lesser of a crime, and that the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.

Mohammed Hasan


Hours after a 5 years old was arrested

2 تعليقان on “(6-12) On the cursed ground of neutrality”

  1. JB كتب:

    Neutrality in the face of clearly inhumane acts is not admirable or wise or unemotional. It is complicity, plain and simple. Those who were complicit out of fear – just like in the time of the Nazis – could still make good today by speaking out. keeping quiet doesnt keep u safe, it puts us ALL at risk .

  2. […] hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality,” writes Bahraini blogger Mohammed Hassan. Tweet “I think that it’s not only the killer […]

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